Why Does Drinking Water Need Treatment

The purpose of water treatment is to cleanse the water of all contaminants and germs. That significantly improves the quality and also taste of the water. The water treatment process makes it safe for drinking and other life purposes. However, the water can still get plagued by particles even with treatment.

The kinds of water treatment processes depend on the raw water. The raw water’s direct source determines the cleaning process’s time and effectiveness. A water purifier service near me in Chennai ensures getting a water purifier that will eliminate all free radicals.

Presence of Suspended Solids in Water

Untreated water from the direct source has a lot of untreated solids and particles. The water can pick up more particles on the way to the distributor sources. If this is not treated, they will form sediments and make the water filter malfunction. Therefore, the raw water in the water purifier eliminates all such particles before consumption.

Suspended particles like bacteria, funguses, minerals like iron and manganese and fertilisers get treated in the water treatment process. The water purifiers ensure the effective removal of all such substance that causes disease. Such disease-causing agents reduce the benefits of the natural minerals in the water.

Additionally, they can make the water develop a foul smell. Also, unclean water has an unpleasant taste. When unclean and hard water gets treated by a purifier from RO service in Chennai, it adds a sweet taste to the water. Since RO purifiers ensure the effective removal of such free radicals, there remains less to no chance of falling ill when one consumes RO water.

Makes Water Safe for People with Varied Immunity

Each person has an individual immune system. The strength and the capacity of one’s immune system differ from the other. A person can fall ill from a virus infection, while another might not get affected. With such factors of health and immunity in mind, water purifiers devised the RO system to provide clean and safe drinking water.

Prolonged consumption of unclean water also leads to generational diseases. Lead and iron in water are not good for health. People with innately weak immune systems or coping with the disease are more prone to waterborne diseases. Immuno-compromised people will benefit a lot by drinking water from a water purifier. Leaving the water can cause long-lasting health issues lasenorita.

Limited Water Source Available

It is a well-known fact that out of the natural water available on Earth, less than 5% is fit for drinking. On top of that, water wastage and increased use have led to water scarcity in many parts of the world. Unclean water is not fit for consumption. If not treated, people will discard it.

Using RO purifiers treats the water to make it fit for consumption. People can drink water from the filters without any worries. Children and older adults can consume water without having any health scares.

Desalting or Desalination of Water

Water needs to get desalinated before it reaches our homes. Salinised water comes from river and sea sources. That is due to the presence of excess minerals. Out of only 2.5% of freshwater on Earth, only 0.3% is fit for consumption. This saline in water becomes a barrier. However, water filtration systems effectively treat this water so people can drink it.

Waste Water Treatment

Waste water also gets treated and repurposed. Natural causes and manmade causes make the water turn into waste water. Industrial processes can render the water unfit for activities like drinking and bathing. Human activities alter the natural pH of the water.

Such water needs to get treated, or it will contaminate and cause diseases. The water will contaminate crops which in turn will make people sick.

Chlorination-The Final Step

It is the last step of water treatment. It is mostly done in water treatment plants. Chlorine gets added to disinfect the water. Excess residuals can prove to be a health hazard.

But these days, many RO water purifiers have mechanisms that eliminate chlorine from water. Ozone in water filters removes the excess chlorine and makes the water fit for drinking.


Drinking safe water is a right for all. Purified water from RO water filters reduces the risk of contracting waterborne diseases. Therefore, the correct treatment of the water is necessary. Water cannot get wasted. It must get repurposed and returned to its sources.

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