What Are The Benefits Of Joint Custody?

Custody refers to physical  and legal custody. Physical custody decides where the child resides majorly. Whereas, the legal custody decides who has the right to make crucial decisions about the child’s life and welfare, such as education, religion, and healthcare. While parents may share joint legal and physical custody, they may also share joint legal custody with sole physical custody. In some cases, a parent may also request sole legal custody. 

Child custody cases are complex and frustrating. Consulting a Newton Divorce lawyer enables you to understand the proper steps to take to protect the best interests of your child. 

Why should you choose joint custody? 

In most cases, judges prefer to grant joint custody since they believe it is in the child’s best interests to have both parents in their life. However, sole custody is given if a parent is unfit to have custody over the child on grounds such as neglect, drug abuse, and abandonment. 

  • It creates a stable environment for your child. 

Your divorce also has a significant impact on your child. Joint custody enables them to have both parents in their life after the divorce and cope with the drastic change better. When both parents are present, the child enjoys a better relationship with them. The joint custody agreement helps set up a routine that keeps both parents involved in the child’s life. 

  • It helps divide responsibilities and expenses. 

Raising a child is challenging. A parent has to manage several responsibilities daily to take care of their child’s upbringing. Sharing these responsibilities with the other parent lowers the stress you have. Taking major decisions that affect your child’s welfare is intimidating, and mutual decision-making helps you make better choices that benefit your child. Along with the responsibilities, parents also share costs which helps them relieve their financial burden. 

  • It benefits your child’s mental health. 

Children often feel guilty, depressed, and anxious because of their parents’ divorce. When one parent is no longer a part of their life, they feel a sense of loss and rejection. When both parents make an effort to stay involved in their child’s life, it helps reduce such negative feelings. The child’s mental health is impacted positively when both parents love and take care of them. They are also likely to develop better self-esteem. 

Your lawyer in Newton assesses your situation and helps you determine whether a joint custody agreement will be beneficial for your child. They understand your distress during this time and work efficiently to help you attain peace of mind. 

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