Types Of Mediation You Should Be Aware Of

Divorce has been considered the last resort by many people. In many divorce cases, the root cause of the problems is often associated with unresolved issues. Contacting a Wisconsin divorce mediation lawyer could prove helpful when a couple wants to resolve any problems in their marriage. 

There are different types of mediation that can save a marriage from divorce. Being aware of these types could be helpful for you. It could help you evaluate the mediation that best suits your divorce case. The similarity between all kinds of mediation is that they involve a third party to resolve conflicts. 

  • Facilitative mediation 

The most common and widely approached type of mediation is facilitative mediation. Like any mediation practice, the mediator first evaluates the situation between both parties. Later, the mediator would listen to both parties’ conditions and give solutions. It is similar to peer mediation. 

In facilitative mediation, the mediator would choose to meet both parties individually or separately to ensure conditions by both parties are satisfied. Both parties can also present their situations together with the mediator. As a result, the mediator would address and resolve all concerns after evaluation. 

  • Evaluative mediation 

Evaluative mediation is similar to facilitative mediation. The mediator would listen to all the concerns laid by both parties. After addressing those concerns, the mediator would provide resolutions to avoid divorce or any other unfavorable scenario. In Evaluative mediation, the mediator could have specified legal knowledge about each scenario. The mediator could likely be a lawyer who mediates between the two parties. 

  • Transformative mediation

Transformative mediation could prove to be most helpful for most divorce cases. In transformative mediation, both parties and the mediator meet. Unlike other types of mediation, transformative mediation encourages both parties to address their issues in front of each other. The mediator pays close attention to every detail and problem by both parties and evaluates the situation. 

Transformative mediation is similar to other types of mediation, with the primary goal being the resolution and elimination of divorce. Moreover, this type of mediation allows both parties to discuss their problems and assess solutions together.

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While it may seem that all types of mediation are similar and somewhat identical, the main objective behind each is to derive solutions lying in the best interests of both parties. Mediation can help the couple avoid the painful and time-consuming scenario of divorce. If you and your spouse face problems in your marriage, it would be best to hire a divorce mediation lawyer and resolve the differences. 

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