The Tech Job Market in Chicago

In Chicago, the tech job market is not comparable to that of other major tech hubs. The area is primarily a finance center, and there aren’t many big tech companies in the city. That means that web developers will have difficulty finding high-paying positions. On the upside, the number of tech startups in Chicago is also growing. You should also be aware of job postings and alerts.

The city has long been a thriving tech hub, but the trend of “work from anywhere” is bringing tech companies from coast-to-coast to the region. Since Chicago is the most affordable city for tech workers, it has a large pool of talent to offer. In fact, the city boasts the third largest pool of tech workers in the U.S. Despite the high cost of living, Chicago remains one of the most affordable places to live and work in the tech field.

While Chicago is home to many tech companies, it is also a desirable location for companies that are looking to diversify. For example, Foursquare recently started hiring half a dozen engineers in the area. The company has a promising future because enterprise demand for location data is growing. Foursquare was looking at other up-and-coming tech cities for hiring, but chose anabolic steroids Chicago over other cities because of the relatively moderate wage growth.

Besides the local tech industry, Chicago has a booming startup ecosystem. Over 6,150 tech companies call Chicago home. With over 375 new companies founded in the past five years, the city’s tech job market is growing every day. This abundance of startups and thriving tech companies in the area means a growing demand for tech workers. The city has recently launched an initiative called TECHicago to attract mid-career tech workers to the area.

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