Stock Analysis and Portfolio Apps For iPad

With the rise of mobile technology, stock analysis and portfolio apps are becoming more important than ever. Stock Guru is a great example of one such app. It provides detailed analysis of every stock, including its risk level, valuation, and financial strength. It also includes over six thousand stocks and comprehensive financial data. In addition to its stock market analysis, Stock Guru provides users with useful tools such as sharpe ratio and sharpe percentile, a gauge for gauging a stock’s value and potential.

The Bloomberg app is another excellent choice. It provides real-time data for stocks in the US and abroad, allowing users to track their positions and monitor their returns. The app also allows users to back up their data and restore it later using a CSV file. The app also provides notifications on recent economic news for every stock in a portfolio. Ultimately, the app is an invaluable tool for investors who want to keep track of their portfolios on the go.

For the ultimate in stock analysis and portfolio tracking, Bloomberg has an app for everyone. The free version of the app features many of the same features as its paid counterpart, but it is easy to use and contains tons of great news articles. Unlike many free apps, the Bloomberg app does have ads, but these take away from the user experience. Despite its free pricing and attractive interface, StockTouch is still a fantastic investment tool for investors of all levels.

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