Should You Get a Free Mechanic Estimate?

Regardless of whether you’re paying for a full-service repair or an estimate, you should always make sure you get a written estimate from your mechanic. A written estimate will show you the costs of labor, parts, and even the brands. It should also reveal any costs that could increase or decrease. Some repairs are 10% to 20% higher than the estimate due to hidden problems or extra time. Most shops will contact you if unexpected charges arise. Be sure to get a written estimate that details all charges, and that it is inclusive of the total cost.

Some mechanics charge for basic inspections, such as brake inspections. Others charge for road testing and wheel removal, but most will give you a ballpark estimate for free. The reason for this is that the mechanic must spend time evaluating your car, obtaining quotes from suppliers, and factoring in potential problems after disassembly. However, a mechanic can provide you with an accurate estimate for free, but you should still expect to pay for the work that they perform.

Preliminary estimates should be free. While they don’t involve serious labor, they can reveal hidden damages. Oftentimes, a labor intensive inspection requires a vehicle to be completely torn apart, which can cost extra. If you need a full repair, however, it’s best to pay for a labor-intensive inspection at a shop. The cost of labor-intensive inspections is typically higher, but it’s worth it for peace of mind thedocweb .

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