Preventive Health Checkup For Senior Citizens

Preventive health care aims to promote good health and detect diseases early, when they can be treated more easily. Many treatments are ineffective for senior citizens because their bodies cannot tolerate them. Moreover, many medicines and treatments have side effects that are difficult for the elderly to handle. For this reason, disease prevention is a better option. But how do you know if your doctor recommends a preventive health checkup for you?

Despite being crucial for everyone, a preventive health checkup is particularly important for senior citizens. These visits can help detect early diseases and stop their progression. You can get a master health checkup package from Indus Health Plus, which offers a comprehensive health report with your height and weight checked as well as blood tests. Blood tests can also reveal infection markers and hormone levels. You should schedule your annual physical exam and a full body checkup for your senior citizens.

The first preventive health checkup for senior citizens is an annual physical exam. Your doctor will measure your height, weight and body mass index and discuss your diet, lifestyle, and physical activity level. In addition, he will give you the flu vaccine, which is particularly important as 70 to 85% of flu fatalities are among people 65 and older. You will also receive an annual immunization to protect you from bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases in the elderly.

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