Moving From Nontechnical to Technical at Amazon

There are two ways to advance your career within Amazon. You can either work in a nontechnical role or pursue a technical one. Amazon employees tend to move up the tech ladder from PM to TPM and then to SDM. However, before you can move up to the SDM role, you must first become a good LC. There are many steps in this process.

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Recruiting process. While most interview environments are structured to promote social skills, Amazonians should be vocal about their shortcomings. It’s important to remember that the interviewer might be your future coworker. You should conduct yourself in a confident manner to create rapport. The interviewer will likely interrogate you, or ask why you chose to give a specific answer. Be sure to emphasize the good traits you have to offer.

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Pay. At Amazon, entry-level software engineers earn an average salary of $108,000, plus bonuses. Employees who complete the program can expect to earn stock options worth up to $70,000. This is an excellent opportunity to get a start in a new field and set yourself up for a promotion. If you’re interested in moving from nontechnical to technical, check out the Amazon 2022 Launch Programme.

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Skills. Amazon places a great importance on customer obsession. This can be reflected in its customer success roles. For instance, in a Customer Success role, you’ll be working with customers to improve the business’ Customer Lifetime Value. Moreover, you’ll be exposed to the audience in an entirely new way. So, consider this route when applying for a new role. Just be prepared to make some sacrifices along the way.

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