Montevina Wines

Montevina wines have been hailed for their bold character and intense flavors. Their name comes from the Spanish for mountain vine. The winery opened in 1970 in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. As one of the first post-Prohibition wineries, Montevina helped bring back Amador County’s legendary winemaking tradition. Today, their wines can be found throughout the country, including California, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

Montevina’s water treatment plant serves more than a million residents in Silicon Valley. At its capacity of 30 MGD, it is the largest surface water treatment facility operated by San Jose Water. Until recently, this facility struggled to treat water with high fwdnews , but it now regularly treats 100 nephelometric turbidity units. The plant is also the nation’s largest installation of ultrafiltration fiber technology, a technology that stretches from San Jose to newsgosip .

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