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How to Travel in Dubai As a Tourist

You may have questions about how to travel in Dubai as a tourist. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip. The weather in Dubai is typically hot – with temperatures regularly exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit! – and vehicles frequently fail to stop at designated pedestrian crossings. Although public transportation is generally safe, make sure to always use a licensed taxi. For your safety and the safety of other travelers, be sure to follow the dress code of public places such as shopping malls.

Although there are several ways to travel in Dubai, taxis are often the cheapest option. Be aware, however, that taxi drivers do not always know the city well. To be safe, always give your driver references to the major landmarks in Dubai before you get in the car. Remember to never swear in public and avoid using offensive gestures. The same goes for the languages. Arabic and Islamic greetings are both acceptable in Dubai.

If you’re travelling in Dubai as a tourist, you’ll want to choose a hotel near a metro stop. This way, you’ll avoid paying inflated rates for taxi fares and accommodation. As far as restaurants go, look for hotels near metro stops. If you’re unsure of the neighborhood where you want to stay, you can always try Couchsurfing or renting a place to stay for a low price.

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