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How do you handle social media complaints?

First, remember that you should meet your customer where they are. Whether it is on Twitter, live chat, or phone, be sure to respond to them on the same channel as they first reached out. Switching communication channels will likely put off your frustrated customer. In addition, don’t dismiss the complaint outright. It’s best to address all relevant issues in the same manner.

You can also try to resolve the issue quickly. For example, if you’re a restaurant, offer free meals or free drinks. If a product is faulty, make the company replace it. In case of a broken software, offer to fix it. If the issue is more complex, contact a third party. If you’re the one who made the mistake, try to mitigate the complaint as much as possible.

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Next, you can try to fix the issue. For example, if you’re a restaurant, try to offer free meals, extra drinks, or an exchange for their feedback. If the issue is more complex, refer the client to someone who is an expert in that field. You can also contact the complainer directly and address the concerns. In general, it’s best to avoid interacting with angry customers on social media.

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