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How can you social media complaint management strategy

A good social media complaint management strategy should address both the public and private side of a customer’s complaint. A public post will be seen by many people. Therefore, it is important to respond promptly to a public complaint. Businesses should redirect customers to a private message board so that they can voice their concerns privately. This is the first step in social media comment management. A complex issue can be moved to a different communication channel.

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A good social media complaint management strategy should involve acknowledging the difficulty and directing the user to a private conversation. This conversation can be on a direct message (DM), website chat function, or email address. The brand can also use its existing customer support system. The most important aspect of this process is to respond within an hour of the customer’s post, preferably on the same day. A business that has not learned how to use Twitter properly should proactively respond to the social media complaints of their customers.

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The next step in social media complaint management is to acknowledge the difficulty experienced by the consumer. Once the company has acknowledged the complaint, it should direct the person to a private conversation. This can be a DM, email, or phone number. If a customer has a problem that cannot be resolved through a social media comment, the brand should use their existing customer service system. A good brand should also try to respond to every complaint within an hour.

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