Five Things You Must Do After Sustaining Injuries on the Job in Ashburn

If you sustained injuries at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation Ashburn. This compensation will cover your medical treatment and lost wages as well as protect you against financial losses because of your injury. By consulting with an Ashburn workers comp lawyer, you have a greater chance of getting the compensation you are entitled to. Here are things you need to do after being hurt in a workplace accident:

Notifying Your Employer

Ensure your employer is notified about your accident as soon as possible. You must notify them in writing within thirty days of the workplace accident. Check if your company has an accident reporting protocol. If so, you need to also notify other people such as the Safety Director or Human Resources Manager.

Seeking Medical Treatment

You need to see a doctor immediately after the accident to diagnose and treat your injury. Also, getting prompt treatment will prevent doubts about your injury. Medical treatment offers the documentation to support your workers’ comp claim. Keep in mind that the Workers’ Compensation Commission will only pay for lost income if you can present documentation of your injury from your doctor.

Taking Photos or Videos of the Accident Scene and Your Injury

Bruises, scratches, body discoloration, and swelling can help establish your workers’ comp case. Take photos or videos of the work-related injuries you suffered following the accident. You can submit these pieces of evidence at the trial. Also, photos can disclose the environmental condition or defect caused by the accident.

Being Aware of Filing Deadlines

There are time limits you need to observe when it comes to filing your workers’ comp claim. You only have two years from the date of your injury to file a claim. You should not delay the fling if you don’t want to lose your chance of getting workers’ comp benefits. 

Consulting an Experienced Attorney

Understanding your legal rights following an on-the-job accident can be hard. Your employer and their insurer may give little information while they protect their interests. But you need to prioritize your health. Insurance providers will do everything to deny benefits or reduce the amount of compensation they will pay. To defend your rights, you should have an attorney handling your claim. A great attorney has extensive experience and knowledge in handling this kind of claim. They know when a settlement offer is fair enough to cover all of your losses. 

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