FAQs 101: Top answers about hiring a personal injury lawyer in Illinois

Nothing in life can prepare you for dealing with the harrowing experience of an accident. The accident could be an on-road mishap, a dog bite, a sudden slip & fall accident, or even a construction accident. If someone was responsible for your injuries, you could file a lawsuit in Illinois and seek a settlement for your losses. Personal injury law also covers cases of medical malpractice and nursing home abuse. Following an accident, you may wonder whether you should lawyer up. For your help, we are sharing FAQs related to hiring a personal injury lawyer Illinois

How much do injury lawyers charge?

All personal injury lawyers in most states work on a contingency fee. For the layman, this is a unique type of arrangement, where the lawyer gets paid only if they win. Because they are taking that risk, the injury lawyer keeps a share of the settlement as their fee. The contingency fee norm may vary, but in most cases, it’s one-third of the final compensation. You can ask the lawyer in advance. 

Do you need an injury lawyer?

It depends. If your case is a minor blip and your losses don’t exceed $10,000, you can probably manage to get a decent settlement from the other party or their insurer on your own. However, you should consult an attorney if you have a share in the fault. Also, if you have suffered injuries that are serious and could impact your ability to get gainful employment, your settlement could be a lot higher. 

What can an attorney do for my case?

Once you engage an injury lawyer, they are in charge of investigating the accident and gathering evidence. This could involve going to witnesses and asking for statements. In many cases, injury lawyers work with medical experts and professionals from other fields to get valuable opinions. Your lawyer will also take care of the paperwork, and if there is a third-party claim involved, they can negotiate on your behalf. 

How to find a good injury lawyer in Illinois?

Your best bet is to check the work profile of a law firm. Check if their top lawyers take up cases similar to yours and if these lawyers have been to court. You can also check online reviews to find more about top attorneys in your area. 

Also, make sure that an attorney has a credible support team to get case-related work done. 

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