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CSGO Rank Distribution by Region

CSGO rank distribution varies a lot between regions, but the average is still high enough to help an average player climb to a medium gold rank. Leetify analyzed this data and has found that silvers make up the bulk of players in the United States, while only 30% of silvers are found in other regions. However, these differences are not so dramatic. If you want to know the true distribution of CSGO ranks in your area, check out the following links.

The data is based on seven million unique players, and is not representative of the entire esports world. While the United States has the highest percentage of Global Elite players, it is not particularly surprising that many smaller countries are stuck in the ELO hell of silver. For example, in Oceania, the average rank is Silver Elite Master, while in North America it is Silver Elite Master. Leetify has published many studies to explain the global distribution of CSGO players.

Despite this, the CSGO rank distribution is broken in some regions, including North America and Oceania. In North America, for example, over 50% of players are in the silver ranks, while less than 30% are in the global elite. The result is that new players are thrown into the deep end, with the same high-level tactics being used in silver games. Luckily, Leetify is on the way to solving this problem.

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