Common Subjects of Trap Lyrics

The music and its lyrics have a rich history of references to drugs. Most of the lyrics feature marijuana or the purple drank, a combination of codeine syrup and soft drinks with sedative and psychoactive effects. While the drug is not legal in all countries, it is commonly used in the trap genre. It is also prevalent in most of the lyrics, videos, and other media that deals with trap music. Many of the artists in this genre have declared their use of drugs without inhibition. The relationship between drugs and new music is not exactly new, but it has recently received more attention.

Although trap music has many similarities with rap, it differs in many ways. It is not as mainstream as rap, and is primarily created online. Because it does not have a commercial recording industry, trap bands usually operate online. The artists are typically members of a marginalized youth group, including those affected by drug addiction and poverty. Their music aims to portray this reality and exaggerate politically incorrect elements.

While Balkan trap is different from Western trap, both genres share common themes. Balkan trap and Western trap share the same political apathy. Balkan trap is also different from the Western trap genre, with its blend of rap influences from Eastern Europe. The Albanian trap legend Buta is relatively new in the country, but his rap lyrics have more influences from Western artists. While trap music tends to be apolitical, Balkan trap has a very commercial appeal.

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