Chevrolet Silverado Kids Ride On Truck with Parental Remote Control

If you’re looking for a kids ride-on truck, consider the Chevrolet Silverado. This truck is a Licensed Chevy Silverado that comes with realistic-looking features and various functions. It includes an electric foot pedal, forward/reverse gears, and bright LED front lights. In addition, it features manual and R/C operation, and three speeds in R/C mode. Click it buy the Chevrolet Silverado kids ride.


The Chevrolet Silverado Kids Ride On Truck comes with several cool features. Designed after a real Chevy truck, this toy is sure to inspire the imagination of young drivers. Boys and girls will both love this 12-volt vehicle, which features a realistic dashboard and LED lights. The vehicle also comes with an MP3 connector, so kids can play their favorite songs when they’re on the move.

The Chevy ride on truck comes with a parental remote control, and the seat is made from real leather. It also has 4 motors, one for each wheel, so your child can drive around without crashing into anything. The truck weighs more than 100 pounds, so it’s safe to ride even on curbs. It comes with a remote control that allows you to drive the truck with the touch of a button.

This ride on truck is equipped with dual 12-volt motors, big wheels, and real working headlights and taillights. It also comes with an emergency stop button that disables the foot pedal when the vehicle comes to danger. You can also control speed, steering wheel, and direction with the remote control. Its audio system also comes with an FM radio, and the remote control is compatible with a Bluetooth-enabled phone.


This Chevy ride on truck is fun for both children and parents. It comes with dual 12-volt motors, big wheels, and a working MP3 stereo. It even has real working headlights, taillights, rack lights, and a winch. The ride on truck has a parental remote control for added safety and convenience. Parents can control the truck from a distance with the control remote.

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The Chevy kids ride-on truck comes with a realistic trail-busting design. The 12-volt power wheels vehicle is rechargeable and features a remote control that allows you to override the truck and put it in reverse. It can also travel up to two miles per hour and has a mini rear storage bin for toys or a small backpack. Safety features of the ride-on truck include shock-absorbing spring suspension, adjustable seat belt, reliable brakes, and a remote control.

Where to buy

Looking for a great gift for your child? Explore more. This official licensed Chevrolet Ride On Truck is the perfect choice! This toy truck features a rugged design, a working MP3 stereo, horn and tail lights, a seat belt and an MP3 player. It also has an AUX input and USB port, so your child can plug in their favorite CD or MP3 player for added entertainment.

This car comes with an official license and features a realistic replica of a Chevy truck. The realism of this toy is evident in the wheels and spring suspension system. It is safe to operate for children ages two to five. Parents will appreciate the 66 pound maximum weight capacity. These vehicles are safe and fun for both kids and parents! They make a great gift for any child, and are sure to get compliments on their good looks and quality.


If you’re looking for a gift for your child that’s sure to get them talking, the Chevrolet Silverado Kids Ride On Truck features a 2.4-G remote control for a parent to operate. This car features real engine sounds and speakers. It also has front doors that open and close for a realistic look. Parents who like the rugged style of a Silverado will appreciate this toy as well. This truck has a steering wheel, an adjustable seat belt and a fully functional remote control to ensure that your child is having fun!

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