Alimony in Huntsville

Divorce is physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially draining for both partners. Alimony is the financial support that the partner needs to give after separation or divorce. The court may ask one partner who earns more to provide alimony to the other partner who needs financial support. Keep reading to find out everything about alimony payment. If you need a personalized consultation to understand the alimony, consult divorce attorney Huntsville.

Are you eligible to get alimony?

The eligibility of getting alimony depends on multiple factors, such as-

  • Length of marriage– It depends on how long you have been married to your partner. Depending on the length of the marriage, you may be even eligible to get permanent alimony, which means you can get alimony until your death or the court’s specified date. But for that, you must be married for atleast 20 years.  
  • Education– As the whole idea of alimony is to enable both the partners to live with secured funds even after marriage, education plays a vital role in deciding alimony. If you have a professional degree or are well educated, you can get better job opportunities. Considering this fact, the judge can ask you to pay alimony to your partner if they are not that educated.
  • Fault– If the reason for separation is an extra-marital affair or adultery. The partner at-fault will not be eligible to seek alimony, and the innocent partner can get alimony.
  • Employment history– The judge will check both partners’ employment history to see their earning ability. The partner with more earning ability may have to give alimony to the other partner. 
  • Health– Health can debilitate a person’s earning capacity. So if you have any health issues that can hamper your everyday functioning and activities, you may be eligible to get alimony. 
  • Age factor– If the judge thinks that you are too old to be able to find a job, you may become eligible to get alimony.

So these factors play a role in determining alimony. But, there is no clear-cut calculation that you can make to determine the alimony. It depends entirely on the individual case. As mentioned earlier, the whole idea of alimony is to let both the partners live and enable them to pay 

ordinary expenses even after separation. So ensure that you see all the parameters and claim a reasonable amount so that you can restart your life. 

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