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5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

If you’re worried about food waste, there are several ways to cut back on the amount of food that ends up in the trash. For one thing, food scraps contain nutrients that are beneficial for your health. Sauteed cauliflower florets and carrot stems can be eaten as a side dish, while citrus fruit rinds can be added to homemade vegetable stocks. And if you can’t eat the whole food, try repurposing it!

Another way to cut down on food waste is to can or pickle your own produce. For instance, instead of throwing out ripe apples, you can preserve them in an air-tight jar for later use. In the meantime, instead of rummaging through bins of ripe produce, try making a pickle with the carrots. Many fruits and vegetables are considered “ugly” even though they have the same nutrients and are still edible. But most people tend to overlook them in favor of “picture-perfect” produce. Major grocery chains have adopted this trend, and now purchase only picture-perfect produce.

By reducing the amount of food that is wasted, we can contribute to reducing the impact of climate change. The waste of food equals approximately 45 trillion gallons of water a year. Food waste also consists of millions of tons of food, and contributes to the creation of greenhouse gases. These emissions are the result of the decomposition of food, and the process of composting these materials releases methane, which is twenty times more harmful than carbon dioxide. By reducing food waste, we can save precious resources and save money.

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